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to avoid using non-recurring revenues to support ongoing expenses, because when the nonrecurring revenue falls away, it leads to potential program disruptions for the ongoing expenses supported by that revenue. the legislation specifically defines certain revenue types of nonrecurring, so we tried to be very tailored here in the definition we brought forward. it specifically defines the sale of assets, prepayments of multi-year revenue contracts, or abnormally high fund balance as non-recurring revenues, and it stipulates that those revenues can only be spent on nonrecurring expenditures. to make sure we keep that alignment of ongoing expenditures supported by ongoing revenues one-time or non-recurring expenses. the legislation specifically outlines a series of eligible nonrecurring uses or expenditures that would be eligible -- things like the development of affordable housing, investment in infrastructure or i.t., funding of reserves, or a couple of other things. the new legislation leaves open additional definition of nonrecurring expenditures as certified by our office for circumstan
their special formula of hyperallergenic smoke fluid which is used to supply the smoke machines that fill the haunted houses that creep you out at halloween. >> when we started the business, it was more of a necessity, for a family entertainment center. >> a necessity, because they worked at a family-run laser tag center which used fog. and it was something which triggered chris' asthma, smelled terrible, and irritated customers' eyes. >> i had some respiratory issues with the fluid we were using. so we set out to try and at least make a version that was, for me, breathable. >> it was not that we were ever going to sell the product. it was just, can we make something that is better for the kids, and better for our employees, and better for us? >> with nothing on the market to solve these problems, they worked with a chemist to formulate their own pharmaceutical grade artificial fog-making fluid. >> we developed a product that was really cool. and, you know, for our use it was perfect. we didn't need it for anybody else. we just needed it for us. >> they never considered marketing it, unti
it will only make us work harder. thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: that concludes our presentations for today. before we close the ceremony, i would like to acknowledge the folks who have help from the city. paula jones from our department of public health has been our director of food assistance. she has worked to make sure we have restaurants that are working as well to promote our public health as possible. i also want to see if we have luke o'brien, president of the small business commission. would you like to say a few words on behalf of the commission? commissioner o"brien: >> good afternoon, supervisors. far be it for me to be biased in any way to all of the businesses today, but i would have to follow up supervisor campos's recognition. i happened to totally by accident take my wife, who is of thai origin and has discerning taste buds, as difficult to please as anybody i know, to there, because we happened to be in the neighborhood. when she walked out of there, she had a grin from ear to ear, and commented how good the food was. she reminded me of the famo
the backbone of that is the waterfront land use plan appeared that and then a bios policies, potential uses, for each of the port facilities. we have outlined what it has been for pier 38. it is mainly about maritime use. in the past, it was always the maritime facility. the land use plan looks at this as a maritime facility with other ancillary uses. that is something that we examined and will have to reconcile. secondly, any plan for real occupancy, whether master tenant or master developer, would have to be trusted-verified. we would have to make certain that plans for re-occupancy would comply with that. we would also have to build land use plans for following procedures for competitive solicitation if we are going to have a master tenant or master developer. these are best practices that are laid out, both in terms of competing defined master tenants and developers, but also other policies and procedures at the port and city have put into place, involving competitive building, bidding for retail opportunities on the port -- even if it is just a restaurant. there is the
advisor to the great lakes region that has been suggested -- you use the word special envoy -- but is this in the making? what is the prospect of that? >> be of taken it under indictment very seriously. -- we have taken it under advisement very seriously based on the recommendation of your committee. >> the fact that we know that there is an expense of mobile phones and fm radio, will you be using that technology to try to get word out to ask for defection from the lra fighters? >> that is correct, sir. there are cell towers and the use of cellphones and right now they are using other radio waves. many communities are calling in on a regular basis to say where the lra is. so we need better coordination. >> thank you. >> mr. duncan of south carolina is recognized. >> thank you madam chairman. back in the spring of march or april, the deputy assistant security advisor was talking about a libyan involvement. he said this. "we are enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals which is protecting the libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-f
country, to return $183 billion. he took it with his children. $183 billion has been taken from us because he is becoming like mickey mouse and using you. i am egyptian. i left my country for 40 years, but i never forgot. 28 years, i see a young man who played guitar, and thank god. i would like to thank him, and i thank everyone of you. he never forgot us. he grew up on mission street, and he went yesterday to mission high school to help them. that is a man who loves his country and loves us. we love him, too. i would like to get 11 turkeys from you to feed the homeless people as soon as i can. before i die, i want to make something else. but how i wish to give you some tickets. supervisor, let me see you tomorrow, and i want to see support for each one of us to them. i am going to be there, and i watch every one of you. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library. do not give money to oregon accept money from the friends and family foundation. it is a private fund raising entity that presents itself as
are working under. however we can be of assistance, please rely on us. we will continue this item to the call of the chair. supervisor avalosmadame clerk, m 2. >> item 2. hearing on the budget analyst report on san francisco's banking system and options for leveraging san francisco taxpayer dollars and city revenues in financial institutions that can stimulate our local economy. supervisor avalos: thank you. this is an item that was -- i had requested the budget and legislative analyst and to the report. the idea of municipal banking in san francisco. it was something that was on my radar for a few years. when we got to see how our recession is still ongoing, continuing, the urgency behind how we can use our public dollars to help stimulate our local economy has gotten much greater. especially now that we have a parallel to what is going on now, frustration to what is being expressed around the country about our financial institutions, specifically, how our financial institutions have failed us, especially after getting bailed out in the latter part of 2008, 2009. there is a general feeling t
on the dow once again. america's economic report card is in. the gross domestic product that brought us the measure of the strength of the economy showed an annualized growth rate of 2.5% in the third quarter. it lessens the possibility of a double dip recession. >>> they are beating analyst expectations. exxonmobil and dupont all missed expectations. netflix beat expectations, but it is losingsubscribers. amazon fell sort but it is investing capital in long-term projects. ibm has a new woman in charge. virginia rometti named ceo and president this week. there are now 16 women ceos of fortune 500 companies, the most ever >>> it has been an incredibly event ful week to europe's bailout plan to the gdp. where it might head next, author of the book "overhaul." steve, good to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here, maria. >> so it seems europe will help bail out banks, holding out for that greek debt. do you think this is a fix here, or are there more bumps in the road? how do you see this? >> i think the best way to describe this is the end of the beginning. the
are genuinely concerned that is almost as if to -- the events are putting us at the worst possible time of the year. you remember, when you went to grandmothers for thanksgiving and christmas, we have a lot of grandmothers here and a lot of children who come to visit on holidays. this is a complicating factor. we need time to give this adequate deliberation. the only other thing i would emphasize is that we do not oppose the granting of the application. provided that all the facts are considered and we can come to a common understanding of the historical and existing use. we will refrain from any objections to anything currently scheduled between now and january 12. in our view, what is the hurry? thank you. -- >> i live at 1170 sacramento st., about 400 feet away from the project and i would also like to request that the hearing be extended to january 12 for the same reasons as the other speakers. the holidays are coming up and the impact on those who would like to review whatever this is that the department's staff comes up with and what ever the applicant would like to come up with s
and respect -- request staff come back to us with recommendations regarding the america's cup. >> ok, so withdrawn. second? all in favor? aye. any proposed? -- any opposed? >> i just ask that this is brought back to us and staff does further work regarding the america's cup, potential usage of the southern apron. >> director moyer, i think we all agree that this item needs a bit more work. we've been but to hear it again. -- we would love to hear it again. >> item 10. request approval of a resolution to authorize the executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the arts commission to locate a sculpture of harry bridges in the harry bridges plaza, located between the north and southbound lanes of the embarcadero roadway in front of the ferry building, across from market street. >> good afternoon, commissioners. on july 27, 1999, the port commission adopts a resolution naming the plaza immediately west of the ferry building as harry bridges plaza. the commission's resolution also called for a monument recognizing harry bridges and to direct a project sponsored to ret
in stride this morning. take a listen: >> we're used to the snow, just a little earlier than most years, not that big of an adjustment, wearing a heavier cloak. >> it is awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely, absolutely. don't have to me the grass anymore, get to go play outside, good stuff! >> eric: and there's a live look. the sun is out in manhattan, outside of our studios here at the fox news channel. quite a change from last night. millions digging out this morning, and, dan bowen from wmiw, channel 5, fox 5 is here, in new jersey. what does it looks like over there? >> reporter: good morning, west milford is 45 miles northwest of new york city, and, if there is an area that typically gets bragging rights when there is a snowstorm it is this area known that's heart of the holidayighl because of the mountainous terrain and recorded 19 inches overnight, 19 inches would be about this much, right here, and, if it was next to me on the ground it would be halfway up to my knee and where we are, close to the center of west milford and didn't get quite 19 inches, but l
wireless facilities like bryson typically include the use of backup batteries to provide power to the facility in the event of power failure. these types of batteries present safety hazards that make the facilities undesirable and in controllable with a hospital setting. including in your packet is the data sheet for the kind of batteries used at these sites in san francisco. fire and explosion hazard data. unusual fire hazards. hydrogen and oxygen gases are produced during normal battery operation. this supports combustion. these gases into the air through the vent. to avoid a chance of fire or explosion, keep sources of ignition away from the batteries. also are operating instructions , from another manufacturer of backup batteries. these contain similar safety warnings that continued does continue safety warnings. this is not the type of equipment that we desire in our neighborhood. please vote to deny the permit for this location this week. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to talk briefly about one fundamental fact about all telephone networks during
isn't the only way to talk about what racism looks like. it isn't useful. i think what's more useful is to get people to think about the ways in which we perpetuate the racial differentiations and inequalities on purpose or inadvertently that produce differences that we see every day. unless you're going to tell me there's some hard-wired reason why people of color and academic institutions are always the people serving you food or cleaning the bathroom or not necessarily in the classroom teaching classes, then i think you're going to have to be honest with yourself about all the ways there's a privilege that accrues to people. we need to recognize that race is more subliminal, more subjective and more subtle in the contemporary moment. and i think we need to find a way to really articulate that subtlety because there are or very few smoking guns, thank god, anymore. i asked my 105 interview wees what is the most racist thing that ever happened to you. the response i received most often was indicate i have of modern racism. the answer is unknowable. aaron mcgruder said, i'd imagine i
where i know he will be helping us out. this one is even bigger, and i do not know if we have found a place to put it in the court. last week it was the golden gate bridge from fort baker. it has a combination of marines, coasties, and sailors, and i hope you will find a place to put this in the port. >> thank you very much. >> you folks, there has been terrific cooperation and i thank you for all that you have done to make fleet week so successful. >> thank you. it was definitely our honor. this will be prominently displayed nearby office, of course. >> any further comments on fleet week? >> my name is catherine hooper, with the fleet week association. when i was here last year -- here i go. [laughter] i said to watch out, because it would be bigger and better than ever, and it was. the general took a lot of what i was going to say. the amount of time that went into this, the amount of communication, the amount of relationship reform measurement , and the articles of the volunteers -- 75 that we can name, not to mention everyone down in camp pendleton, it was a celebration. when we
for re-occupancy would comply with that. we would also have to build land use plans for following procedures for competitive solicitation if we are going to have a master tenant or master developer. these are best practices that are laid out, both in terms of competing defined master tenants and developers, but also other policies and procedures at the port and city have put into place, involving competitive building, bidding for retail opportunities on the port -- even if it is just a restaurant. there is the recently passed maritime preservation policy. to designate as a maritime facility, we have to keep maritime uses. those are some of the overall policies. i also want to say, if we are in a master development situation and uses here contemplated are not the historic uses, there would have to be an environmental clearance process. this could be either some sort of a cursory review to say that it performs, or a more elaborate ceqa compliance document. as we go through that process we have to take into consideration issues about historic preservation. pier 38 is part of the emba
of occupy oakland say they were not part of this march. >> they tried to scare us away, push us out of the park. we are not going away. >> before the march, oakland resident kareem mcknight fired up the crowd. she joined protesters tuesday night and broke and dislocated her shoulder. >> oakland was, i twhib it was ground zero for how they were going to deal with this movement. were they going to be able to sweep us away? were they going to be able to arrest us? oakland says no. >> literally in the last 30 seconds or so i've been texting with my photographer, he tells me they were most recently at 18th street, and opd are on the scene. the protest is apparently still happening. we're live in oakland. >> and coming up in just about 12 minutes, we'll hear more from the occupy oakland protesters about what they want and the status of a plan for wednesday. >> we have new information about that iraq war veteran seriously injured this week in the police crackdown of the occupy protest. 24-year-old scott olsen has been recovering at highland hospital in oakland. police say he suffered a hea
of leadership, knew how to use our map, you how to spot dead areas of ground, knew how to outflank in any machine gun position. it's interesting to me to find examples of junior officers or ncos who in the mid-20th century, who would tremble or cry in combat. it's not completely unheard of to find a junior officer who might call himself when the shelling started. and who at the same time maintained a reputation for effectiveness in combat, because he was a soldier who clearly knew what he was doing and who had survived for months. that kind of reputation is just unthinkable in the 19th century. it would be impossible for a regimental captain to have found himself in front of his soldiers and still enjoy any sort of credibility as a leader. >> christopher hamner is an associate professor of history at george mason university. what you teach? >> i teach mostly american military history. >> "enduring battle: american soldiers in three wars, 1776-1945", published by the university campus press. >> you're watching the tv on c-span2. 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. >> n
, and also commissioner of entertainment for san francisco, who could not join us tonight, but who has been an instrument of the success. [applause] through the years, the filipino american community has become not just a member but, more importantly, a partner to the city of san francisco, fostering ties with a group of ambassadors who served as a bridge of people. tonight, we are 50 years of the san francisco manila sister cities. there's a bridge that connects the thrill of the orient to the city by the bay. it is a bridge of ambassadors, one made of people whose roots and hearts and the pacific ocean. in april 1961, the city of seven cisco formally and stated a committee under the office of the mayor to become the preeminent cultural and economic [inaudible] between san francisco and manila, developing a system that promote closer ties between the cities. this year, the san francisco manila sister city committee represents -- celebrates its 50 year, marking five decades of service to our people. the san francisco bay area filipino american community salutes this milestone, a legacy of g
another use of community flow but not so low that jesse jackson can commemorates iraqis. it's like releasing heirs of the bottle doesn't explode. it's a slippery beast and his father or grandfather were. it has ways of making waves do not exist which can drive you crazy train to prove its existence. it's a powerful force in the postdoc experience that combines a sense of you don't belong here at historic racism hot with the centrifuge of the spy and create for some doubles bargain. you may ascend higher on the latter is a power previous generations and blacks could've imagined. when you >> into the glass ceiling he don't get as high as the fisher go, it will still drive you crazy and show you that your ability is not fully respected. blackness is expanding a broadening of black opportunities are improving, but we also must deal with the crushable called racism and has a pernicious impact on the modern black persona. modern racism that aren't on your ipod sets are the most mind blowing analogies i've ever encountered like the president pardoning one turkey each year before thanksgiv
at the same conclusion. i started at san quentin in 1978, after graduating. i went there, a small number of us had college degrees. the old guard would say, everyone will tell you that they're innocent. and in my 26 years, i never had anyone say that they were innocent. including the jewish chaplains clerk. i think 17 or 18 years -- he wasn't tolerated. santa then you learn that many more innocent people have been found around the country, and this really should cause all of us to rethink in criminal justice what we think that we know. there is science out there that is not known to us that will prove that we have been wrong about many things. the death penalty is still final. this man is trying to struggle with the fact that he probably executed an innocent person. we should not ask this of anyone in our society. [applause] >> i want to say one other thing. how have your former colleagues handled your conversion on this issue? has this been greeted with support? >> i have received much support, and nothing that has been negative. having spent 30 years in criminal justice, it is interesting to
onizuka, paul, and rose. in the land use build forum, you already met karen, and her sidekick is not here today, could not make it. the committee heritage, paul, in, and brian, who is filling in for paul, who is on medical leave. number two, paul mentioned it earlier, but i want to echo this. thank you to the friends of city planning for the grant. the reviews and ratings by the attendees clearly show that it was a very beneficial, particularly well-received and productive. also, you know, we know that japantown is a very desirable and active real-estate market. we know there will be change. and we know that this plan is important to the community that wants to continue to have a voice in that change. i am confident we can synthesize the community's views and unite the community to get this done. over the last four years, -- two years, although the draft plan has been substantially revised -- it feels like four years, excuse me. the original four overarching goal setter in your memo did get confirmed, and there was a unifying theme that the goal of the planning effort is to ensure japanto
of city planning. one of the things that that grant helped us to provide was independent professional facilitation for these meetings. it was done by the community outreach program. not only did the community outreach program provide independent this occasion for these meetings, they also helped to design the meetings themselves so that they ensure the greatest level of public engagement possible, given the short time that we can actually ask the committee to participate in those meetings. so there were broken in to break out groups, and there were over of presentations and summaries, exit interviews were done. i know the commission has been looking at meaningful ways of public engagement. we had a presentation not long ago from staff about the ongoing research the department is doing on public engagement. i wanted to share that idea and how we went through that process in japantown as a result of the committee's review of the better neighborhoods plan. the organizing committee is set up to ratify or men committee recommendations. so each of the committees, when they have a recommenda
it off at a time when the u.s. said they had the insurgents on the run. >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of shark, nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's swim saved his life. we'll hear from his friend who was in the water with him. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted. we put one viewer's house to the test. and is this house haunted? it's the ultimate halloween house party. the man behind it is joining us on the live show. ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by lara spencer. >> i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is a live rehearsal. they'll be with us about 50 minutes. this guy's been programming this house since march. >> how excited are his neighbors right now? not very happy. 300 hours of programming to get it perfectly in sync. no pun intended. it's a lot of fun. >> party rock house. our house is party rock house. just by having lara spencer with us on this sunday morni
. why this enormous income gap? one major reason is that u.s. workers without a college education cannot compete with the chinese, the indian, or other workers around the world that better educated and cheaper. question, is it a fallacy that the rich just get richer? pat buchanan? >> no, john. what happened to the american economy is dramatic historic transfer from manufacturing and production power to a financial capital where people buy and sell and trade paper. second thing happened is this, we dropped the u.s. economy, we had the highest wages in the world, and strict regulations into a global economy with countries with the lowest wages you can imagine, and no regulation, so production and manufacturing in all those jobs left the united states and went to china, asia, other countries around the world. that's why the middle-class, blue collar workers have had have arrested in coming for 30 years, because we've done that to the american people, john. and take the first decade of the 20th century. we lost 6 million manufacturing jobs, one in every three we had. and 55,000 factories. th
hear you. >> a time for change has come! chris: facing mount rushmore. he promised us change and said he would be transformative, the kind of president who turned history. has the time come for barack obama to learn from a leader who did, the most inspiring democrat of our time. does jack kennedy have stuff to teach barack obama? the brothers and sisters, kennedy had the irish mafia. obama has tried to do it alone. has he have time to build a team. political confederates who can fight for him. can he pull a solo act and start to lead? finally, bad news bears. where do they find this crew? perry is falling, bachmann is falling. something is raising cain but nobody knows what. with time flying, the vast american middle is fleeing. with their chances good, why are the republicans so bad? hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today. the "washington post" bob woodward, nbc's andrea mitchell, the bbc's katty kay and the "new york magazine's" john heilemann. first up, since the 1957 shock of sputnik, there have been few times as unsettling as today. can we shake off this sense
be locating. third, let us discuss the process. the planning commission and the department had a lot of guidance on revoking -- reviewing wireless facilities. in 1996, the board of supervisors passed a resolution on where we should locate these facilities. it emphasized that these should be the city's top preference for these facilities. the board said specifically these are most compatible and is likely to be visually destructive. the board resolution did seek clarification on some of the lower preference sites. in response, the planning commission revised the guidelines in august 1996, and updated them again in 2003. the guidelines contained not only preferences and locations, but mandate community outreach meetings be held for installations that need review an alternative analysis studies should be done one preferred sites cannot be used. that is not the case here. it also requires a plan which must be updated annually. that is the process that led to this being declared the most preferred site. other procedural reviews include aesthetic review by planning department and health re
contributions to help us with this initiative. we are in the process of coordinating funding to be able to provide a base of financial support for this initiative and to further develop our capacity in the school district. the theory of action for this initiative is very simple, but it is not simplistic. if the 13 priorities were implemented, we want to further close the achievement gap and meet the goals that continue to be the foundation on top of which we build all of the work we are currently engaged in. we want to achieve double-digit gains for three years for our five key performance indicators, and as i mentioned, these are the performance indicators the superintendent has outlined in terms of the judging whether or not we are making progress. when we reflect on the accomplishments, there are some things that have happened that have moved the ball further down the court. we have revised 13 interconnected strategic project with goals we shared with the board. we also continued implementation of the 13 priorities within the context of the budget with a focus on the foundational pri
? kabul, a military convoy. who? the taliban. tonight the u.s. respond. >> camera two on don. >> and under fire -- syrian jets pound a major city. tanks open fire pulverizing the building and the explosive video in minutes. plus, a band keeps a promise after this horrible stage collapse, and tonight their tribute performance. and funny man darrell hammond gets serious. >> stabbing, beating, electrocuting. >> and how his past led him to the mental ward all while taping "saturday night live." it is all right here on cnn. >>> thank you for joining us. i'm don lemon in in "cnn newsroom." right now protest occupiers in denver, colorado, face to face with the riot police. police say they use non-lethal agents including mace and pepper balls when the protesters tried to enter the state capitol. this affiliate is from kusa, and more than half a dozen people were arrested and police say that one officer was knocked off of his motorcycle and two officers were kicked in the head by demonstrators, but one of the protesters says it was not like that. >> the only thing that happened is that they asked t
above water faster. they will still be able to take advantage using a 30-year fixed- rate mortgage. if they do that, there will be a risk-based the assessment, but with that fee, we are lowering the fees relative to where they have been for this program. we are finalizing what the new fee structure will look like, but they will be lower. we have to charge these fees because, in fact, by getting into a 30-year mortgage, extending the term from where they are today, and that means especially if they are underwater, that means that fannie mae and freddie mac will be carrying that risk for a longer time, even though the borrowers exhibited a strong capacity and desire to repay their mortgage. >> following up with >> we are seeing a scarcity of buyers at a time when banks are selling more and more properties or closures and distress sales. that will probably be lower during the winter months. last month, york agency solicited 4000 comments from the public on how to convert some of those potential foreclosures into homes that could be rented out, some kind of a joint venture with investo
's debt problem problems. "washington journal" is next. host: a live view of the u.s. capitol in which the marine corps marathon is taking place here and the house and senate are in session. that is important because we have had this on again off again schedule the last couple of weeks. the deficit reduction committee with another public meeting actuals. the president in washington until thursday then goes to france for the g-20 summit. social security no longer paying for itself and adding to budget problems. "des moines register" a new poll giving the lead to herman cain and mitt romney. with caucuses taking place in january and "new york times" reporting troops will be repositioned to kuwait. we will begin on this sunday morning with your calls and comments on the issue of the presidential executive orders and the u.s. constitution, the speaker of the house weighing in this. the numbers are on the screen. host: we will also take your tweets and you can sends us an e-mail. we begin with this editorial tame for boehner and -- time for boehner and house republicans to bring obama to he
the street. it is important for us to have capacity right now. families need to stay in contact with children and grandchildren. we are unable to get a good signal. service is going to be terrible. we need to add more antennas. the city health department has reviewed them. please approve this project. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. everybody has a cell phone. the younger generation -- everyone has one. everyone carries one for the internet. i would say it is really important. the radiation is very, very low. [unintelligible] thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is nathan williams. i am a local resident. i support the antennas. i use my cell phone a lot in business and school. not only are they safe by federal standards, but that are vital for medical personnel to use to communicate in emergencies. the police station across the street will tell you the good connections are important for public safety. i experienced crop calls a lot. it causes problems when i am talking to prospective clients. anytime we call someone from verizon, service in the richmond district gets
state takes, there is a wide range this could potentially impact us. we're hopeful these will either be delayed or the state will not take action we are concerned about, but it could be $3 million, and i think we're pretty sure we're not going to see the worst case scenario, but it is out there that we are monitoring, and the department of public health is monitoring closely. are thessupervisor chu: are thed the state trigger cuts? take a yes. that brings us to the state trigger cuts. -- >> yes. december 13 was the deadline. we heard a few weeks ago the state looks like they're $7 million short of the revenue target for the cuts to take effect. it is unclear -- the adopted a budget that included the trigger cuts, but it was unclear if it would let them spend. obviously there are representatives in sacramento and the legislature is concerned about the cuts. the impact would be to ihss, additional cuts to child care above and beyond what we are reducing, and the severe impact would be on education, which does not impact the city, but something we are concerned about.
you for joining us for a look at business and finance issues in the washington region. you have heard the s saying you are not committed until you have skin in the game. that is not news to our first guest. known as the woman who makes the rich and powerful looook gd, s has used her know how to buil a busineness. she is t foundnding direcector of the dmatollogy center and is launching a of her home. team all-star joins us today to talk about how one youngng dermatologist it is -- team all- star joins us to talk about howow one young dermatologist became well-kno in the waington area. if politicians are looking here eve maybe they cameo see you. tell us your background. >> when i started the washington institute of dermatologigic laser surgeryt was the first free standing of such a nature in the world. >> it was the first freestanding lar center in the world. even before that you're a a young deatolist. how did you grow into the p personn that could s starthe first center in the wor? >> i am originally from shington, d.c.. i'm one of those rare commodities. i grew up in n the burbs.s.
to this week in defense news, i'm vago muradian. it's a time for the u.s. troops to come home from europe. the commander of army forces in europe tells us why not. but first, the key to u.s. troops leaving afghanistan by 2014 is the successful training of the afghan army and police. under the current plan, 195,000 afghan army troops and 157,000 police are said to be trained by november 2012. it goes far beyond training troops and supporting logistics as well as building newed buildings. our next guess is in charge of more than $11 billion in annual spending, roughly $3 billion for new equipment, $3 billion more infrastructure, $3 billion for sustaining forces and $1 billion in training for afghan forces. pete fuller is in town this week for meetings and joins us now. general fuller, welcome to the show. >> thank you for inviting me. >> let's start with that you've got $11 billion in budget. what does that buy in each of the categories and how long is u.s. and nato going to spend this kind of money to train on air forces? >> well, we are at the high water mark fiscal year 2011. next year,
it off at a time when the u.s. said they have the insurgents on the run? >>> shark attack again. this deadly season of the shark nearly claims another life in california. how this young man's brave and desperate swim saved his life. we're going to hear from his friend who was in the water with him as they frantically scrambled toward the shoreline. >>> and "gma" goes ghostbusters. you think your house is haunted? we put one viewer's house to the test to find out if spirits really are living there. and is this house haunted? but it sure is a lot of fun. it's the ultimate halloween house party. and the man behind it is joining us putting on a live show. ♪ shake that ♪ >>> if they had taken that camera shot just seconds earlier, you would have seen a fantastic dance by one lara spencer. >> listen, i heard "shake it" and i do what i'm told. >> you follow orders. can we bring up that live shot from california? this is the party rock house. this is a live rehearsal. these guys will be with us live in about 50 minutes to put on a show for us. this guy's been programming this house
market rate. the permitted use is for vessel morning in passenger loading and unloading, consistent with the waterfront plan, as well as other state and federal requirements. police provides for a three month, rent-free space corp., consistent with the improved parameter rental policy. representing approximately $200,000 to install ramps, floats, morning systems, pilings, and wiring as required by the lease. it includes embarkation, demarcation, passenger transit, maintenance, supplies and deliveries, storage in handling hazardous materials and security, and issues such as noise, recycling, litter control, vehicle traffic management, they are all addressed. this is an existing maritime tenant, paying the port approximately $1.9 billion in rent annually. it helps to support the ports maritime mission. this lease will provide the port with a guaranteed minimum rent of $64,700, annualized. the tenant will generate an additional $200,000 for your. meaning that the port should earn approximately $1.4 million in revenue from this currently under-performing asset over the next five years.
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> the snow may be over for most of us, but the affects of the early winter storm are still in full effect. >>> an arrest in the murder of a howard university student. we have an emotional one on one with the victim's girlfriend. >> and a way to find out how much it's going to cost you to send your kid to college. we test out the out of pocket calculator. >> thanks for joining us this saturday night, i'm maurine. >> and i'm will thomas. we will kick things off in the weather center. a wild weather day, snow in october, what's going on? >> absolutely. it was really not supposed to happen this way. it was a storm that hit just about all of our area with some wet snow, accumulating snow. a little bit of rain fall. very uncommon. we went from a trace to some areas in the district to 14 inches out in west virginia. take a look at the radar. the good news is, it is starting to move its way out, but new england is getting pounded. you can see behind it, we are dealing with much more. except maybe some cloud coverage. >> and temperature is an
that's gonna do it for our show today, thank you for joining us. from long meadow ranch in napa valley, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show, log on to our website >>> hi, everybody. welcome to the wall street journal report. i'm marie bartiromo reporting from washington, d.c. what do people say about the economy gridlock in washington? what steve thinks about detroit these days, what europe is going through and what it all means to the market. capitalism and do corporations have a conscience and why it matters. the "wall street journal report" begins now. now, maria bartiromo. >>> here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. europe's financial crisis may not be over, but it appears leaders there have taken a significant step to help resolve it. after a late-night meeting, eu leaders announced the debt deal late in the week which could force european banks holding greek debt to take a 50% loss. that in turn would lower greece's debt to gdp ratio. the ban
>>> welcome to mosaic on this summer morning. we're glad you're joining us. we'll do a profile of a religious bay lead ere. -- leader. we're excited to introduce james emmerson. he's the president of the calvary presbyterian church here. he's just turned 85 years old and we're delighted to celebrate his birthday and bring him to you. towards the end, we wanted to get about your book, it's, forgiveness the key to a creative life. you were talking about forgiveness a long, long time ago. you're a pips will boy? -- peninsula boy? >> yes, my dad taught at stanford. i grew up there. my dad was sick most of my growing days. he had tuberculosis from world war i. i also got it from him. i really start out as being a consequence of the trenches of world war i. that's where he got the tuberculosis and ultimately, i got it from him. i didn't start school until the 3rd grade. i was home schooled and then, into the catholic school and all of that and then stanford and then went to princeton for seminary. >> let me go back, being with tuberculosis, that was very, very serious. it was a full
a truly nasty dog. my dog never bit them. we will talk today about the decline of the u.s. postal service, the loss of an enormous number of jobs as the internet has taken away the mail. first-class mail has fallen tremendously. even junk mail has fallen and the post office, that very core of the small town or a village may go away, it may be closed. the actual retail outlet may be close. the postal service itself, an incredible distributive system may be a shadow of its former self. as is western union, a very slight shadow of its former self. these are the times we live in. these are the days of destructive technologies. we will be right back to talk about the post office and you and the post office. ♪ >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean energy future. at exelon, we are acting. by 2020, we are committed to displacingriet mscon t metric tf greenhouse gases annually, helping our customers and communities reduce their emissions and offering low carbon electricity and the marketplace. we are taking action and we are seeing results. ♪ >> "white house chronicle" i
that they be maintained and that may be a perfectly good use of those funds. the specific use of a specific nonprofit to utilize the funds and a little bit of caution on that. we have to have a lot of oversight to make sure it's certainly not that it isn't a very beneficial use putting an elevator in for accessibility and various other things and we are not getting art produced out of the funds. we're getting some other things. and that would have to be a supervisory to make sure it is exactly what we are, and the art commission review, again, that is something that would be up to the art commission i think as to how do they feel about that. i think there should be some review to the art and oz to the appropriateness. and i have certainly, this is not what' before us today but i would certainly like to see more classic art brought forward in areas where the format is all, for example, the civic center and if something were to be produced in the quadraangle between city hall and the other buildings, and i would hope it would be something that fits in with the development of architectural style and the
, thanks for joining us. >>> october surprise. the region is digging out after a record breaking storm leaves us frozen and in the dark. >> texas governor perry promises to debate his gop rivals at least five more times and reassured republicans he can go toe-to-toe with the president. we'll have highlights. >> the cain train comes roaring down the track. cain has been picking up steam. eww he finishes first in aç iowa poll. that and the doj proposing new freedom of information act regulations that would allow agencies to lie to you. i'm shannon bream, america's news headquarters live starts now. early and deadly blast of winter surprise snow storm slams into the northeast leaving the region frozen. three deaths 2 1/2 million no power. snow more than two feet in some spots that snarled traffic in the air and on the rows. julie banderas is standing by one of the hardest hit areas. but first chief meteorologistç rick reichmuth, any relief in sight? >> there is a lot of relief. it is october you can handle this type of weather forever long. the storm over the last 48 hours, the storm
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